2012 Stay Gold

6 Apr

To the Class of ’90, to friends of yesterday and today, and to my family, for being be my side through the celebration and desperation.  Without your support and your guidance, I would not have had the strength to persevere through job loss, death, heartbreak, disappointment, and everything in between.  I love you!   And I look forward to another 40 with you all!

“I did it!”  “I did it!”  A blog a day, 40 days.

Two weeks ago, as I was exiting the subway, a preacher man was proclaiming, “It’s about the journey.”  It has been quite of journey.


One of my favorite quotes from Linda oGodman.

How old am I?  I’ll be 92 next Christmas
though I won’t admit to one day over 20…
even after all the birthday cards are cut and shuffled
it’s hard to figure.

I’ve aged at lease 500 years since stumbled into you;
Yes, I still believe in fairy tales,
like the Princess and the Frog.


One Response to “2012 Stay Gold”

  1. Sherri April 6, 2012 at 6:51 pm #

    Yay! You did it…Congratulations! Now, let’s celebrate!!!

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