2011 Give Me Everything

5 Apr

After living and  writing 38 posts plus  several asides, you would think that I knew myself well enough to know that the day before my birthday would be a bad time to attempt to focus and write a post.

Luckily, I did begin it yesterday.  If not, this page would be a mumbo jumbo of nonsense direct from my head into my shaky hands.   With any major events, my anxiety arrives before the big day but dissipates in time for me to actually enjoy that which supposedly pains me.

Excuse me (Excuse Me)
And I might drink a little more than I should tonight
And I might take you home with me, if I could tonight
And, baby, Ima make you feel so good, tonight
Cause we might not get tomorrow

For that verse alone, I love this song.  It reminds me of a scene between two American ladies and two Italian gentlemen having lunch during the off-season on the Aeolian Islands.   The Americans speak very little Italian.  The Italians know mostly TV and lyrical English.  After lunch conversation, which was accompanied with hand gestures to show approval of the homemade meal and to request more wine, the dialogue became an exercise from Italian 101.  “Do you live nearby?”  “How are old are you?”  “What kind of music do you like?”  The young man answered “House Music.”  Now as a woman of nearly 40, I politely nodded my head, knowing that I could not engage a conversation in English, little alone Italian. about house music.   Misinterpreting my courteous smile as agreement, he promptly went to the DJ booth and put on some music.  ‘Ti piace Peetball?”  I looked at Cindy, stole her winning salesperson smile. “Certo.”

I mistakenly thought this was the first song by Pitbull.  Little did I know that he had been around since 2004 and was behind some of the greatest hits of 2010.  Wow.  I am so uncool.

I am learning there are several sure fire signs you’re getting old;
1) You’re called ma’am

2)You really don’t know pop music.   Which is why people have kids.

3) Your body aches.

3)  People unabashedly ask if you are/were married.

So, in honor of our Italian hosts/cook/DJ/tour guides, here’s  some Pitbull.


2 Responses to “2011 Give Me Everything”

  1. Sherri April 5, 2012 at 1:15 pm #

    Love it! And so proud of you! You’re almost there…wait, I think I may be jealous because I’m so behind! Btw…you are very cool 🙂

  2. Lisa April 6, 2012 at 3:02 am #

    Ha! Ha! job so very well done!!!
    Congratulations! and happy birthday!!!
    And I agree with Sherri, you are very cool:-)

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