2010 Don’t Cry For Me Argentina

4 Apr

I really struggled with selecting a song for 2010.   Did I even have a radio on that year?  After checking out the Billboard Top 100, there were a few dance faves by Usher and bar songs by Kings of Leon (I could not do it!).  So I settled on a song that fulfilled my need to get a Madonna song on the list and reflected two significant events for 2010- an awesome vacation and a one-night stand that lasted a bit longer than it should have.


It took me 38 years, but I finally discovered what I needed–someone with whom conversation was a challenge.   Looking back to all of the issues of yesteryear, I realized that barrier-free communication was the problem.   Yes, barrier-free communication.   When you could openly communicate, there was always the chance of innuendo, misplaced sarcasm, or belaboring a point beyond the initial meaning.   With Carlos, all of that was easily excused away.  Now, to be clear, the problem wasn’t that he didn’t speak English well;  rather, it was a perfect storm of it usually being late night,  that we typically had a “few,” and that I didn’t understand broken Spanish.    But it was all good.  After all, this was my first attempt at an “adult” relationship.  It was refreshing to roll over with just a “Good Morning” and no other small talk.   Setting a date was an easy text message, simple and to the point  “Hey!  How are you?”  Deciding not to hang out was an RSVP by not answering the phone.

Yeah, that’s how I convinced myself it was.  But when a one-night stand becomes a 12 month booty call, things change.   Suspicious minds seek info on Facebook.    The wrongly accused get angry and demand explanations.  Drunken conversations get reversed in the light of sobriety.  Things change when you are comfortable enough to fall asleep in his arms.


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